Rules & Regulations 

National Semifinalists understands that the national pageant will take place February 2019 in the Las Vegas, Nevada and will be in the host city for the entire duration of the national pageant

National Semifinalists can only compete within their age category as defined

National Semifinalists must be a naturally born, genetic female.

National Semifinalists must be  citizen or legal resident of the United States and understand English

National Semifinalists must be  in good health physically and mentally and is able to perform the professional responsibilities of National Titleholder.

If selected as a National Titleholder, she will continue to hold said title granted until new successor is selected or appointed.

National Semifinalist understand and agrees to present a positive image of the US Earth® , before, during, and after the National Pageant

National Semifinalist agrees to conduct herself at all times with respect, dignity and exceptional manners as it relates to her title, the crown/banner and the US Earth® Pageants.  This includes posting on all social media pages or message boards.

National Semifinalists must  be  of good moral character, and has not engage in any activities which, if disclosed to the public, would bring ridicule, disrespect or shame to herself, the national titles and crowns, the US Earth® pageants, its sponsors and advertisers. This includes but is not limited to:  use of illegal drugs or behavior or activity, illicit photos or lascivious media, including social media pages. Failure to fully disclose, will result in immediate disqualification with question or argument and national semifinalists agrees to accept any decision made by the US Earth® Pageants.

National Semifinalists agree to conduct herself in a manner that is consistent to the standards, respect and dignity of the US Earth® Pageants.  Failure to meet the standards, will result in her title being revoked, without question.  .

 National Semifinalist agrees that is accepted, she will be on time for all events, fully participate in any and all events and will not leave the host venue without written permission from the US Earth® Pageants.

National Semifinalists agree that if not selected as a finalists, she will return to the national stage for all awards, crowning and on-stage photography.

National Semifinalists agrees that if she is unable to compete for any reason, she will forfeit her title, must immediately return the official crown and banner and that she will be entitled to NO REFUNDS. National semifinalists will be liable for the entire pageant fee if crown and banner are not returned upon request from the national pageant office.  Any Deposits, Fees and Payments will be forfeited in favor of the US Earth® Pageants.

National Semifinalists understand that an independent person will be selected by the US Earth® Pageants, to serve as the national semifinalists liaison and that any and all problems, concerns or complaints should be communicated only the liaison.  Should national semifinalist create drama, engage in gossip or openly discuss the pageant, the staff, the sponsors or events in a negative way, she will be penalized points from her overall score and could result in loss of title.

Former or reigning National Titleholders may re-compete, however are ineligible for any title in which she previously held and may not compete during the same year in which her successor will be crowned.

National Semifinalists Obligations:

National Semifinalists are encouraged to make at minimum 1 (one) appearance per month, during her reign.  National Semifinalists will earn additional bonus points for each appearance she makes during her reign. 

An appearance may include but is not limited to any form of media ( radio, television, newspaper and magazine interviews). Public appearances at events such as  charity events,  environmental clean ups, school visits,  senior citizen interaction, hospital (children's or veterans)  visits,  homeless shelter's (donations or feeding of)  Expo's or Sustainable Fairs,  parades, reputable  fundraising events,  motivational speaking, visitation,  preliminary pageants within the US Earth® pageant system or any event pre-approved by the national pageant office.

Crowns and sashes remain the property of the US Earth®  Pageants.  Should national semifinalist or national titleholder default on her contractual obligations  she must immediately return the crown and banner to the national pageant in the condition in which it was received.

National Semifinalists agree that any misconduct, misrepresentation , unbecoming behavior, negative attitude or threatening of any other national semifinalist or pageant staff/vendor/sponsor will be immediate grounds for disqualification without question, .

National Semifinalists agrees to  release, unconditionally and forever, any claim against the US Earth® Pageants, the national directors,  pageant staff/volunteers, sponsors/vendors or advertisers  by virtue of their participation in the national pageant, or by any use of their name, likeness, voice, and/or biography in connection with the national pageant, including use in promotional and advertising material.

National Semifinalists agree that she is not under any contract, written or verbal,  with any individual, company, organization that would hinder her ability to fulfill national semifinalists/titleholder obligations, including future commitments or appearances.

National Semifinalists agrees that during her reign (including national titles) will not participate in any other pageant, or promote  any other pageant in social media or as otherwise deemed inappropriate by the  US Earth® Pageants. She also agrees that her title within the US Earth® Pageants is her main priority and will promote the system during her reign.  If chosen as national Semifinalists, she, will proudly represent her  title and attend all required/ requested appearances   and conduct herself  at all times with dignity, grace an good manners whenever wearing the US Earth® Pageants crown and/or banner.

National Semifinalists agrees to promote her title throughout her reign in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter) and understands that she can earn additional bonus points which will be added to her overall onstage scores for her continuous social media promotion.  She also agrees that all material/ comments/photos will be closely monitored and must reflect a positive image on herself, her title and the US Earth® Pageants .  She also agrees to uphold any request made from the national office in regards to content on any social media page.

National Semifinalists agree  not enter into any agreement employing any person, company, firm, organization or agent  in connection with  her state/regional or national title.

National Semifinalists will not use the crown, banner or title to endorse, promote or support any product service, business, organization or other pageant system without prior written consent from the US Earth® Pageants.

National Semifinalists agrees to meet all deadlines, including fee payments, photographs and required documentation/paperwork

National Semifinalists agrees, that our discretion,  changes may be made  to our, rules, regulations, schedule of events, wardrobe, requirements and, policies.  By entering the pageant national semifinalists agree to abide by any and all changes

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