Glamorously Green

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National Semifinalists  shall not knowingly or intentionally engage in nude, lewd, or lascivious media.

National Semifinalists will, at all times, be courteous, polite and act in a professional manner during the national pageant and while representing  the US Earth® Pageants and the title.

National Semifinalists will  be mindful of everyone’s time and will be punctual to all scheduled events during the national pageant.

National Semifinalists will behave in a respectful, courteous manner at all functions in which other semifinalists, judges, VIP or sponsors may be present and will maintain a professional appearance and conversation.

National Semifinalists understands she may not leave any function, event, rehearsal etc., or schedule outside appearances, events, photo shoots etc., during the national pageant.,

National Semifinalists agree she will inform her family, friends and/or supporters to respect the national directors, pageant staff and volunteers, sponsors and VIP's and will ensure they do not come on stage immediately after the conclusion of the national pageant to allow time for the official photographer and videographer to take official photos of the national titleholders.

National Semifinalists agree that no family, friend, pageant coach, personal hair/makeup artist will be permitted backstage, without approval from the US Earth® Pageants.

National Semifinalists agrees to uphold the decision of the panel of jury members and will not make comments , whether written or verbal,  in a manner that would be considered slander or libel to other national semifinalists, judges, sponsors, VIP or any person or persons in attendance of any event, appearance or the national pageant. 

National Semifinalists will display exceptional sportsmanship and behavior that is not deemed disruptive or ill mannered before, during or after the pageant.  Any violation will result in immediate disqualification, removal from premises and possible legal action,

National Semifinalists agree, when wearing her crown and banner, she will not allow photos to be taken of her, individually or in a group which would be deemed inappropriate or demeaning to the crown, title or the US Earth® Pageants.

 National Semifinalists agree that unless authorized by the US Earth® Pageants, no food or drink will be allowed in the dressing room or venue.

National Semifinalists agrees that cell phone usage will not be permitted during official pageant events, including rehearsals and formal meals.

National Semifinalists agree that at no time during the national pageant, may not enter bars, nightclubs or unacceptable establishments and may not smoke or consume alcohol .

Any violations of the code of conduct will result in points being deducted from overall score and may be deemed necessary for disqualification.

Interference by any Family Member or Guest, or unbecoming demonstrated behavior by any Family Member or Guest will not be tolerated and will be grounds of disqualification of the delegate.